1. at Wunderbar


  2. 🍃🍂


  3. Francois on CATCH. See more on www.oncatch.com/francois


  4. Sunday. ☀️ (at Cookshop)


  5. 🌿 (at Kızıltoprak)


  6. To 23 years of love, joy, success, failure, regret and many feelings i had. I hope i would be lucky enough to feel more and have you friends in my entire life. 🙏🎂 (at Muaf)


  7. @tibetandtrend is on analogue. See on www.emircansoksan.net/analogue/tibet


  8. @maritsanbul on analogue. See more on www.emircansoksan.net/analogue/meric


  9. @billursaatci in H&M Conscious on Catch. See more on www.oncatch.com/billur-saatci-x-hm-conscious



  11. @erentuneli on analogue. See on www.emircansoksan.net/analogue/eren



  13. Here it is an exclusive #mbfwi video made for #uludagpremium and @vogueturkiye. Watch the rest on www.emircansoksan.net/video/mbfwi2014


  14. And terrace season begins.🐝 (at Kalamış)


  15. Morning coffee at @monsieurpapilon ‘s bar. New baby of Kadikoy. #gununkahvesi (at Wunderbar)